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The Birth of Mankind

The origin and formation of the human being! This question, even today, mankind has been unable to answer! Time and again many scientists have been engaged in this subject! 


The Truth about the Incas

“The peoples, their names, and their languages have been swept away by the winds of time. However, the many archaeological discoveries bear witness to their advanced culture…


Threads of Fate Determine Human Life

Love, happiness, unfriendliness, suffering! What fascinating mystery embraces human relationships!


Atlantis. The End of a Continent

Atlantis, the land that once disappeared into the sea, rises and takes shape again. The people who dwelled there also become alive one more time. They were highly developed human beings, a chosen people, whose destiny is told in this account as accurately as possible. The description in these pages covers a period starting about fifty years before the country submerged beneath the sea.


The Book of the Last Judgement

Is the Final Judgement indeed close? Contrary to what is imagined, the expression the end of the world does not correspond to reality…


The Great Pyramid Reveals its Secret

Thousand of years have passed since the Great Pyramid was built in Egypt. It is an awesome construction, not only because of its huge dimensions, but especially for what it contains in its internal structure…