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Threads of Fate Determine Human Life

12,50 €


Love, happiness, unfriendliness, suffering!

What fascinating mystery embraces human relationships!

However, the supposed mystery quickly disappears, when one realizes that threads of fate are ceaselessly intertwined around each one, bringing back to us everything that we once put into the world. The current life, with its successes and failures, bonds of love and hate, wishes and frustrations, shows the reflection of past lives. Everything has a reciprocal effect, returning inevitably to its origin.

Deepening into the topic, the reader shall understand the meaning of the complicated human relationships, apparent injustices, love and dislike “at first sight”, luck, countless diseases, the many professional difficulties, and so forth.

“Through its various stories, the book shows that one can correct eventual flaws of the past in his or her present life, thus forging a better future. Above all, the reader shall recognize that a mighty, powerful, and inflexible law acts automatically in the Universe, bringing to each person his fair share – regardless whether it be good or bad – so that not even a spec of injustice can be considered: ‘That, what thou seeds, thou shall harvest.’ „

ISBN: 85-7279-034-9   222 Pages

Price: 12,50 Euro